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Tean Finicum

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Sir Richard Burton

Can you believe, (Once) Great Britain produced MEN.
My favorite part - and oh Buddha, was it ever so difficult to choose just one exploit of this amazing character - was the revelation that he got himself circumcised before traveling to Mecca disguised as an Afghani, an extra layer of authenticity - in addition to his mastery of the languages of the region - that he was convinced he needed to avoid being discovered as an infidel and crucified.
Now THAT is dedication to the mission.

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January 8, 1947-January 10, 2016

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Every once in a while, it's the Regular Joe  in the comment thread who hits one out of the park

"Notice if you will, that both Merkel, and this middle aged socialist, clueless, probably female “mayor” of Cologne, have neither the brains, or the will to exercise common sense enough to stop the mass raping of their own fellow citizens. And these are WOMEN THEMSELVES. Which goes to the heart of the matter, which is the socialist obsessiveness with upending the social order of men, protecting women, for all the right reasons. If these women had even the modicum of common sense, German women, and for that matter, all European women, would not be subject to the rapey activities of the moslem scum now self-inflicted on the land. Yet this goes on, every single day, the terror proceeds, and they call it something else, or claim it never happened. Simply, women don’t see threats and danger the same way a man does, because they don’t know what men think. Men understand themselves, and they know how their own instincts regarding sex are powerful, primal, and barely controlled. Women see other people, and believe, wrongly, that they’re all nice, like themselves. Every father senses danger to his daughter, wife, sister, cousin, etc, BECAUSE HE KNOWS HIMSELF. Women mostly grow up protected, and do not see the danger from men, because they are not predators, as men are. A man grows up and is involved in fighting his instincts as a way of maturing, and being civilized. It is a learned behavior. When women lead, confusion follows. Even confronted with the matter itself, women won’t admit their failure to protect each other, because to do so is to admit that men can do better based on wisdom, and ability. When will this hideous situation end? When the women there, and here, grow up, get out of the way, and admit the men can do better. You can’t repeal humanity, and human nature, because you think you have a better system, or belief. Ever hear we’re nine meals away from apocalypse? Ever hear the saying, “The fleet’s in?”. If a man and a woman are apart from each other for a long time, do they immediately engage in book reading when they get back together? Has a cat got an ass? All this bullshit going on is needless, pointless, and mighty tough on the female and male victims of this idiocy. Women can’t lead. Men DO. Just my opinion, YMMV.
 - WRSA commenter, cseanz

Plea to All Friends of Mike Vanderboegh

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